Digitalização QHSE, o que é exatamente?

Digital transformation and digitization are certainly part of the keywords of 2018. But, more concretely, what about QHSE services ? What are the daily benefits for managers and those working in the field?

The digital transformation of companies is often associated with technology. 
We will be focusing on that aspect in this article (other points are just as important, such as change management, the importance of the human factor … which will be discussed later). So the key question here is  how are new technologies impacting QHSE’s daily work What are the benefits in the field? And on the managers’ side?

Digital transformation, a gentle reminder …

First of all, remember that this transformation started … last century. We were then talking about computerization with ERP software, HRIS, office tools, EDM, Intranet. Today,  talking about digitization means thinking more globally. In fact, digitization affects processes in their entirety. It goes  beyond a simple transposition or migration of traditional tools  (paper forms, spreadsheets …) confined to a function or task. And this tends to accelerate with the evolution of technologies, their democratization and the emergence of  new uses related to mobility, real time, interface possibilities and more recently the massive exploitation of “DATA”. Above all: the search for performance gains at all levels of the organization. For QHSE services, innovation is found in all areas …  

Scan quality, HSE: specific case

Let’s take the example of a company … let’s call it “Process”; an industrial group of about 500 employees spread across multiple sites. To maintain market leadership and increase its performance,  its leader has chosen to place digitization at the center of its strategy  .

Thierry, QHSE manager, took  the  opportunity  to make innovation happen in his management system. He opted for a dedicated global SaaS solution (accessible online). Thierry sees this solution as a  great opportunity to gain agility and performance. For him, this will allow  replacing a multitude of tools  used by Pierre and Sabine, respectively, quality manager and HSE manager, and avoid looking for the already busy IT service. Let’s see the concrete benefits …

Pierre, quality manager

Pierre manages Quality. He had installed document management on shared servers a few years ago … so the IT department developed a Quality Intranet. It didn’t really evolve. When Thierry told him about the modernization of his tools, he immediately saw the advantages that  online document management could bring when organizing the validation steps via workflow, having a browsing history. He also implemented a simple application so that  each local entity to report a non – compliance  …  no more  paper forms.

In his daily life, Pierre likes to conduct his supplier audits … on a tablet. His reports are automated and fed by photos taken directly on the spot and which he can send directly to his interlocutors just as easily on the way back, on the train.

Pierre even has  a performance indicator for his suppliers, which is updated immediately with each new entry. Sabine, HSE manager

Sabine was updating her single spreadsheet document … She had to redo it when her computer crashed. All this means that she likes this online application avoiding the risk of losing data. In addition, it is  linked to the general action plan. It is much simpler.

What she likes most is managing her HSE conversation directly in the solution. She prepares her media that she can relay to the teams and, above all, saves time with her signature lists made on the spot with her tablet. The lecture series she organized on PEP reduced by 5% the number of ATs this ano.Thierry, manager QHSE

Thierry can finally follow his global action plan in real time. It follows your key indicators on your smartphone. He is notified in case of a problem. But it was mainly  in preparing the process reviews that he noticed the difference. He can provide activity tables to his Managing Director on demand and as needed, and this is appreciable.

Less time to spend behind your spreadsheets, this also means more retrospective and, therefore, more time to  propose improvement actions and help service managers in maintaining their certification, for example.

The future is already here …

These examples are inspired by bien réels projects. Peut aller encore plus loin scanning, including comprised of QHSE domaines. Massive exploitation of trainee donors through algorithms perpetual predictive of  accidents or benefits from conseils by an assistant virtue lors d’une clarification. Côté maintenance,  des machines connectées remontent des données de manière autonome  …. les technologies sont là et déjà au service des entreprises pour toujours plus de performance. The digital revolution is in march …

These fictional examples are inspired by real projects. Digitization can go even further, including QHSE domains The massive exploitation of data processed by algorithms allows the predictive analysis  of accidents or the benefit of the advice of a virtual assistant during a registration. In terms of maintenance, the  connected machines back up the data autonomously … the  technologies are there and already at the service of companies for ever greater performance. The digital revolution is on the move …

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